For more than 60 years we have used advanced technology in rubber molding to meet our clients’ demands. We are confident in our accomplishments and it has been our pleasure to work with our clients.

Silicone rubber products, baby rubber products, tableware rubber products, household goods, precision rubber products, waterproof rubber products, rubber products for mobile device, optical devices, rubber products, watches, automobiles, home appliances Various standard products such as rubber products, industrial rubber products, products combined with resin and metal, coating products, double-sided tape products, key buttons, various sponges, punched products, O-rings, Baby feeding, disinfection and other electrical products (OEM production)


We manufacture silicone rubber parts in a hygienic and secure environment to ensure that high standards of our customers are met. Our products undergo stringent quality inspections and are supplied to customers around the world. We also deal with integrated molding with resin, assembling parts for packaging.

Mobile Device

Our highly requested rubber parts with waterproof performance are used in many parts of our products. It is also possible for us to manufacture products with a combination of features such as waterproof ability and rigidity, integral molding with polycarbonate resin and SUS metal and so on. In addition, packing and O- ring parts with our unique special lubricity coating are also used for many of our products.


Optical Equipment

Our precision rubber parts are used in digital single-lens reflex cameras and video cameras such as “ EYE cups, dust-proof rubber and operation keys ” which are require high functionality. We always reconcile specifications from the design stage, strive for quality and cost reduction. We propose a best product which meet our customer needs.


The makings of a  wristwatch is constantly being upgraded,   combined with multifunctional technologies such as radio reception,  solar power, smart access, toughness and so on. Many rubber parts such as airtight and shock absorbing parts are used for wristwatches. In addition, our silicone band used in Casio brand wristwatch “Protrek” recognized for its high-performance features, functionality, design and sustainability.


Automobile parts

Many our rubber parts such as air conditioner grommet, anti-vibration rubber, packing, drain hose are used in cars made in Japan. Among them, low hardness EPDM is a special characteristic one and solid rubber is used as an alternative to sponge, contributing to cost reduction. We also deal in high-quality rubber parts that meet high safety requirements.

The Others

Our rubber parts are also used in home appliance, cosmetics goods, sporting goods, pets products and so on. We aim to handle a wide range of material such as EPDM, NBR, silicone rubber, Fluor rubber etc., we also aim to provide speedy and reliable service as well as mass production


Electronic and electrical products

We work on a wide range of manufacture and sales of products including OEM products for baby feeding and disinfection, various kinds of electronic and electric devices, wiring harnesses for circuits and connectors.